How it works – Examples

That’s how MP3 Music Organizer Platinum organizes music and other media files over renaming and moving to folders, according to file content:

File content typeOriginal file name and addressFile name and address after
processing by MP3 Music
Organizer Platinum
Music "new folder\

Mae\The Classical Collection\
Folk Tune.mp3";
Photos"photo\7254.jpg" "Photos\Family\2008\Vacation in
New York\Capitol building.jpg";
Text"texts\doc2.pdf""Bill Morris\2008\February\
Monthly report.doc";
Softwareprogs\st86.exe" "Programs\Adobe Systems Inc
\Adobe Acrobat Professional
\v4.1\Acrobat Setup.exe";
"arch\73.rar""Archives\September 2009\
Arcade Novologic
game v.6.4.rar"

User opinions

That’s what people say about MP3 Music Organizer Platinum possibilities:

“On our radio station, as on any other, is stored a large amount of MP3 music files. Some of them are played regularly, some of them not. To find needed music record in our audio archive, where are stored the millions of files, is very hard. We had to hire a special employee, who categorized records in archive, but even such salvation was not perfect – we periodically received several thousands of records in a day, and a person who organized them, could not organize them all and made a lot of errors. All this unorganized music records collected, collected and collected… One day while real-time broadcasting music clips, prepared to transmission, were lost in all this chaos and we were forced to break transmission. My colleague from another radio station called me, when knew about incident, and advised to use MP3 Music Organizer Platinum. Over several hours all our thousands of MP3 music files were organized and even if we are gathering several thousands of new audio records at some days, MP3 Music Organizer Platinum easily append them to common music base – right from audio CD’s! It is the best music organizer I had ever seen – it organize my MP3 music files exactly as I want. Thanks very much all MP3 Music Organizer Platinum developers. Program, that they made, really helps people.”
Owen Kowal, sound producer of radio-station “Voice of Colorado”,
[email protected]

“At April issue of “My Computer” magazine I read that MP3 Music Organizer Platinum – is the easiest and most user-friendly way to sort, rename and organize MP3 files. I have large MP3 file collection on my computer. Several first years it was easy to maintain it, but now, when I periodically download variety of MP3 files from Internet it became very hard to find something in my MP3 files collection. I did not know what to do – variety of folders and in every of them are MP3 music files those I even never heard. I even wanted to stop collecting of MP3 files, but suddenly come in mind that article – and I downloaded and started MP3 Music Organizer Platinum. It was like a miracle – all my MP3 files were sorted, renamed, organized automatically, exactly as I wanted. Really useful MP3 music organizer – It is needed for everyone who has MP3 files and wants them to be in ideal order.”
Douglas Varley, music collector, [email protected]

Organize MP3 Music – Easily

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